Chicken Eyes Treatment for Cockfighting Gambling

Chicken Eyes Treatment for Cockfighting Gambling

Chicken Eyes Treatment for Cockfighting Gambling – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, following eye treatment for cockfighting fighting chickens.

For all fighting chicken players, of course, they already know / have experienced the problem of watery and foamy Chicken eye disease. eye disease is one of the most common diseases and very often occurs in fighting chickens.

Eye disease that occurs in fighting chickens is usually due to interference with the chicken’s eyes so that the chicken’s eyes can produce excessive fluid. well, diseases like this often occur due to several factors such as infection or viruses, entry of objects or things into the eye (winking), worms and others.

So on this good opportunity, we as one of the Cockfighting Agents will provide and explain to you all fighting cock lovers in Indonesia about how to treat eye disease of the fighting cock that is foamy and watery.
Tips for Treating Chicken Eye Disease:

To treat Chickens with this eye disease, there are two (2) alternative treatments that you can try yourself at home. treating chicken eyes can use factory drugs or drugs that can be purchased at pharmacies. besides that the second way is to use natural ingredients that can be found easily in our environment. This method is quite effective because there have been many who have proven it including us who are also involved in the world of cockfighting, for more details, please refer to our following explanation.

Chicken eye medicine in pharmacies:

Medicines in pharmacies commonly used to treat chicken eyes include human eye drops such as insto, rohto and so on. The trick is to put 2 to 3 drops on the affected chicken’s eye. Do this drop every morning and evening until the chicken’s eyes are back healthy or look clear.

However, for Bangkok chickens that are already severe and cannot use human eye drops, they can use special chicken eye medicines such as Chik Eye. This medicine can be found in poultry shops or pharmacies in your area. How to use it can follow the procedure for use contained in the drug package.

Natural Chicken Maya Medicine:

Now for those of you who want to try to treat this Chicken eye using natural ingredients, you can use Moringa leaves. The sap of this moringa leaf stalk is applied to the eyes of chickens affected by this watery and foamy disease. Moringa leaves are effective in accelerating the healing process and preventing infection due to wounds caused by being hit by an opponent during a fight. Drop 1 to 2 drops of Moringa leaf stalk, then wrap the eyes of the Chicken using a hansaplast plaster. Do it every day until the chicken’s eyes are fresh again.

For other natural ingredients, you can use yam sap, the method of treatment is almost the same as using the sap of the Moringa leaves. but before dripping the sap of this plant, try to clean the Chicken’s eyes from the dirt and dust that sticks to the Chicken.